John Romig Jr - President
Functional Communications Corp (Mood formerly known as Muzak)

My brother, Tom and I have the privilege of carrying on our growing 3rd generation family business in Upstate New York. Our father, John Romig Sr, installed a DOS accounting system in 1986, of which we utilized into 2021.
For many years we deliberated over converting to a more contemporary, user friendly end to end solution. We have local and national ties and have the luxury to network accordingly for vendors, integrators, etc. We concluded that such an endeavor, sensitive and critical to have done properly, would be best done with a local firm. We engaged in a serious quest in 2019, and through our local commercial ties, we connected with Chris Belna, CEO and Founder of A La Carte.
Admittedly, the process was daunting for us, yet with Chris, her business acumen and knowledge of ERP, the process came together beautifully. Full disclosure, this cutover forced our company to think a different way and take new and different steps with all departments, from service, admin, to installation.
The way Chris and her team were able to forecast and translate new concepts and methods to our routine of over 3.5 decades, was nothing short of exquisite.
We would recommend Chris Belna and A La Carte for any accounting and business consultation work.